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TOM CRUISE is getting a new one...

TOM "Tommy Boy" CRUISE 
is feeling somewhat  
These days
 Well, maybe
Let's hope he has some stilts.

Hopefuly this one won't be almost kidnapped..


Chick'sOpinion said…
So this one won't have to be kidnapped by her fellow Scientology members?
Honestly, when Tom Cruise dies. So many people who worked for him.
Or know him really well. Are gonna write Tell All books about him.
The public can't stand him.
So the ones who want their dislike and disapproval of him vindicated.
Will buy the books.
And then there's his ex, Nicole Kidman's book about him ....the one that a psychic has predicted she will do.
And for Nicole, apparently it will be cathartic.

So according to CD. Most of Tom Cruise's gf's are paid. Really well.
Wonder what the going rate is?
Perhaps I should apply.
He soon won't be able to afford to pay me to be his gf anyway.
He's Box Office Poison.
The public are finally voting with their feet.
They are not interested in movies he makes.
Not really.
And that will become the norm.
I don't think he knows what else to do with his life.
Except to make movies. And go running to Scientology Services and to their their Celebrity Centre.
T. W. said…
Is this why David Miscavige imprisoned Shelley? Did she find out her husband David and Tom Cruise are lovers?

Who is Tom fooling?

Who is $cientology fooling?
T. W. said…
In today's very special episode of "Only in America - Times is Tough"

Woman earns $10K a month acting like a puppy on OnlyFans
Mariefass said…
Will these women ever learn?
Celtic Tony said…
Now now CD that’s not very nice height shaming Tom, it’s not his fault he’s a midget.
n said…

Isnt he in England filming something. Maybe she will be a Brit.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Spanish actress Penelope Cruz said she left him over the Scientology obsession he has.
n said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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