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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Such fun........


Friday, February 28, 2014

The bitch is at it again.....

I get the strangest feeling.
That Kate " Mother of The Year" Gosselin.
Is up to something.
Even worse that the crap she has pulled in the past.
I get the feeling she's run out of money.
So is planning to use the kids, again.
To refill the bank account.


T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

She needs to call Pimp Mamma Kris for some grift ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD what's in store for her ex John. .poor guy and his career? Etc...

auntliddy said...

Cd, i hope you can see help for these children. Do you see her being investigated for child abuse?

Anonymous said...

CD do you see anything for her ex?

Anonymous said...

Christian, this woman had 8 humans in her for 9 months and her life was over and now all about her kids due m to an asshole she was with. 19 kids and counting have their children on TV . Why do you pick on this poor woman who on the daily struggles to just to keep her head above water? She doesn't date or have a normal life. A Why won't u give her a break!? Same deserves praise and support!

Anonymous said...

Correct again CD National Enquier picked story about her treatment to her family.

T. W. said...

Have you seen the show? She treats her family horribly and spends the money on herself.

Anonymous said...

What abuse? CP's would be there in a hot pocket. She runs a tight ship as a single mother. She has a big home thats beautiful and she gave up her life as a so sin gle mom... I think if ANYONE is entitled to spend on herself it should be her. Come on people, I think the bashing should be at her dead beat ex

Anonymous said...

Come on now she needs to get a job and let the kids be kids. Her ex works minimum wage jobs and so can she! What is she going to do when the kids leave and grow up? Have 8 more?