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TOLD YA... He didn't listen.. GONE....

Only takes one pic ....

As Elon Musk carries on his work,
 to take over the World.
(Which he will)
His car business is doing just fine.
But, the space stufff, not so well.
As we know, that kind of business, 
has to work not only first time.
But every time......
Well, Elon, the answer is simple.
Start paying respect to the man,
 who created what you hope to continue.
Mr Tesla.
Just place a pic like this, 
in your office and creative spaces.
You'll be delighted with the results.


C said…
When I saw this in the news today it felt like Tesla was giving Elon a second chance to prove himself, which is generous. I feel someone who has the highest good for humanity and the best intentions for humanity is more suited for this role and carrying on Tesla’s legacy.

Also, I want to thank TW and Cyndi. I’m sorry I don’t comment on here much but the saying is true “you don’t know who comes on here.” And I’m assuming that a lot of well known people come on here.

Also TW, don’t give up. We are at the cusp of change. We have to keep pushing. I know certain things are hard right now, but it’s through the hardships we learn our strengths and our resolves. I’ll ask Archangel Michael watch over you.
C said…
Also this week has been pretty exhausting.
quiet said…
To me, it seems like this guy just has started getting really sloppy in his personal life the few years. The smoking was bad live naturally, but this guy lost me after he went out with amber heard who at the time just divorced johnny depp. Like what the heck was that all about...

the city i reside in even has a nikola tesla blvd... his pic should be all over his office. too late now.

quiet said…
he could have even had made a small statue of tesla by entrance doors or dedicated one office or boardroom wall to wall paper with specially made in cinematic black and white with his face portrait in it and maybe other things he did.he seems to have the money .. or even special carpet with face pics in it in a special room. etc. he did nothing but hang out with amber heard and bother those 12 angel boys and helpers trapped in tunnel few months ago. just my opinion here. sloppy guy
T. W. said…
Cecilia Bryant, I thank you for your support. I agree, we never know who comes to this site. I suspect many celebrities or people connected to them visit. The smart ones do. I also suspect you are correct about Elon Musk being given a second chance. For some reason the company and the vehicles are not working properly. The second chance tells me Elon was on the right track at some point and God wants him to succeed.

quiet, I love your ideas. I think you should contact Elon Musk or the Board of Directors of Tesla. In my opinion, Musk is attempting to make money off Tesla's name. IF he truly wants to honor Nikolai Tesla he will listen to you and Christian.


Please take Christian Dion's advice right now. Please take quiet's advice right now. Thank you.


Please talk Elon Musk in to taking Christian Dion's and quiet's advice right now. Thank you.

With love, tw.
Jules said…
He should have listened to Christian.
CyndiTx123 said…
Thank you Cecilia Bryant for your kind words and also for your kind/strength/uplifting words to T.W. It really made me feel good & happy.
When CD first announced ages ago that Elon needed to just add Tesla's pic or some kind of monument in all of his place of business's.... How simple is that..... I have always harped on that, because I truly felt it's true. Elon also needs major therapy to get his feet back on the ground to really know what steps he needs to take. I feel he is like in a cloud or something. He just needs to shake that cloud off & begin to be on the right path he needs to be on. I am worried that my husband wants the candy apple/white interior tesla... He is willing to give up his sporty fancy car for a tesla- that he has been wanting to get...They just opened up a fancy Tesla store in my little town.... I pray that if my hubby is suppose to get one that all is well with the car he gets. He just mentioned that he will have to be on a waiting list for it. but nothing yet...thank goodness!! Love & Hugs to all!!
T. W. said…
CyndiTx123, why does he want a car that is constantly being recalled? Why does he want a car that has poor resale value? Where is he going to find charging stations? Toyota Prius is a poor investment too but at least it doesn't blowup.
CyndiTx123 said…
Hi T.W. I had no idea about the issues with Tesla cars but since you told us about them I am going to tell him to really check into if that is what he really wants...My Gemini hubby doesn't like me telling him what to do...but I tell him things and I have already told him if I ever say anything out of the ordinary please listen. Just like last year that I said he will get skin cancer again -yes out of the blue- soon after he got checked and they did find spots and was easily treatable... So I am going to tell him about Tesla this evening- I had feelings about him every time he brought it up. In my town, they have them all over the place...But good news- Cowboys won so he is in a good mood and he is waiting for Pittsburgh to play. His other fav football team. I am going to go in and tell him now.... :):)
Dianne Kalk said…
Hi gang: l think that Elon Musk's brain booster is making him cuckoo for Coco Puffs. He can't settle and contemplate.That's when genius happens.
As for guys who want a car like a Tesla---it's a guy thing.Sort of like their teddy bear. Be glad that they aren't chasing ladies. Love to all.
T. W. said…
I love you too Dianne Kalk!

I heard smoking pot makes the smoker anxious, then the anxiety goes away.

Strange clouds indeed.

CyndiTx123, my nephew loves the Pittsburgh Steelers too.

You gave us an important clue into your husband's thought process. He is a Gemini.

Gemini loves technology and communication. Gemini is comfortable alone because Gemini can entertain himself. Tesla vehicles epitomize new technology.

Gemini can be fickle though. See if you can find another piece of technology to distract him with. Maybe take him to the Apple Store to play with the new iPhones. The price of an iPhone is outrageous but the price is significantly less than death on wheels, uh, I meant a Tesla vehicle.

By the way, how on earth did you get him to marry you? Gemini enjoys alone time and tend to be quick if you know what I mean.

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