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Enough to hang himself.....


T. W. said…
Dear God,

Please quickly end the nightmare. Please send angels to help humanity. Please pour out your Holy Spirit to empower all your ministers to do the work you prepare for us to do. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.
T. W. said…

Hell has frozen over.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has made a logical, factual argument. She made more sense than Donald Trump and all those old white men in power. She put the Federal Reserve chairman in his place.

Perhaps she worked for her economics degree from that hoity-touty university. If so, more power to her.

What economists have gotten wrong for decades: Four economic ideas disproven by reality.
T. W. said…
Is it true US Representative Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is married to her gay brother.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Don't know if that's true about Illhan Abdullahi.

Wouldn't surprise me though.

The things people do to get residency of a country. Never ceases to amaze me.

Well TW

You did say that when Alexandria Ocasio-cortez started making sense...things must be bad.

I guess. On the bright side.

She's using her excellent education to try and nail Trump's balls to the wall.

I'd say, that's a good use of Tertiary education.

If ever there was.
T. W. said…
LOL Chick'sOpinion!

Maybe she has been reading Christian's blog and our comments?
Anonymous said…
TW, the Illhan rumors sound like the typical “John McCain has a black baby” trash Republicans like to pull to smear candidates. They put flyers saying that on car windows at McCain rallies in the southern states when he was in the 2000 primary against George W Bush, and it derailed McCain’s campaign. GWBush won the nomination.

Was Obama born in Kenya? No. Was Michelle Obama a man? No. Without a dna test, or Illhan or her husband saying it themselves, I’m not believing this latest Republican trash.

Anonymous said…
Chicks Opinion, what would you do if your gay brother was in a muslim country where he will be stoned to death or thrown off a tall building?
I’d be getting mine one of those “90 Day Fiance” visas and get him out of there. And if I had to “marry” him to keep him safely here, show me where to sign. I know he wouldn’t be all up in my business, cause he’s gay. Sweet deal!
Chick'sOpinion said…
Anonymous 9.33 AM

I was making a comment about the desperation people have generally.

When trying to secure residency. For example...Crossing borders.

Like they did at Calais, France, in the last few years.

Ripping open locks on the back of lorries sitting in traffic waiting at the Dover Port, UK

And Calais Port, France. Hiding in those Lorries.

And crossing illegally, the English Channel, UK... in the Lorries.

Also, Breaking into travellers cars there. And hiding in the backseat.

Faking Kids that are not yours to get Child Benefit from Govt Welfare.

Yes sorry. But Newly arrived Africans did this regularly in the UK years ago. Using friend's kids.

Other nationalities did it too.

But not so successfully.

Albanian teenagers pretended in 1000's to be Kosovo Refugges from the War in Yugoslavia.

And got into the UK illegally.

They now run the the most most prolific violent Drug Cartels in the UK.

Yes. They grew up. In the UK.

Had the Albanians tried to enter the UK as Albanians. They would have been refused.

Cause they are very likely (known in Europe)) to engage in violent organised crime. And sex trafficking.

We dont even know if Illhan Adullahi has done the lying on paper with her brother. For a fake marriage.

At the end of the day, I personally I doubt it.

Because we know Illhan Abdullahi is educated and capable enough to know how to assist a brother to claim the Asylum pathway.

But smart people do stupid things... all the time.

I've lived in another country. On a residency visa.

And I thoroughly beleive in the number one rule.

On any kind of Visa. Obey the laws of the country you are a guest in.

Or pay the price. Big price.

And enter a country telling the godamned truth. Of your situation.

Or pay the price.

And if you do tell your full story. They may help you.

Further, I have 3 brothers. 2 of which I'd be glad to leave in a foreign country.

Under any circumstances.

T. W. said…
Wow. I didn't know about the John MCCain having a black baby smear campaign. So what if he did? See how racist America is? Black folk been here before the Europeans got here. I'm gonna stop preaching on that.
T. W. said…
Anonymous has a good point. If the rumors are true then Representative Omar did a good thing. God bless her.
T. W. said…
Yeah, people are desperate. The US has millions of destitute and homeless people who were born and raised here. What do the illegals think will happen once they get here?

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