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T. W. said…
The cockroaches will never go hungry.

Lots of $hit inside sewers. That is why there are so many cockroaches in there.

Did you know cockroaches eat dead roaches?

Did you know cockroaches eat their own feces?
Chick'sOpinion said…
This pic looks like Trump is trying to disappear down a manhole. Perhaps that's his future.

Well Aardvarks. Just when we thought we were all rid of that rodent, former 'Advisor' 'Chief Strategist' to Trump, Steve Bannon.

Steve (Stephen) appears again.

Someone needs to ring George Clooney in his luxurious Mansion on Lake Como, Italy.

And tell him Steve Bannon is continuing to try and stay politically relevant. And highly influential.

You will recall George Clooney called Steve Bannon

A 'F..cking failed Screenwriter'.

Yup. George Clooney knew his character long before we did.

Anywho...Steve Bannon is on a Whitehouse Committee.

One thats been brought out of the Whitehouse Antiques Storeroom

It's called The Committee On The Present Danger.

It used to exist during the Cold War Period.

And as now we're pretty much back in that period.

Seems the U.S feels it needs it.

The Committee was highly active too during the Reagan Administration.

Well the assorted nuts on this Committee see an overwhelming reason to convene.

To stop the expansion and threat of Communism, the Chinese Muslim Freedom Fighters and the Soviet Union. Umm sorry... now we're calling them Russia.

Stopping Chinese Espionage is high on their agenda. And the Trump Administration seem to rather like the revival of this old Committee.

The shocking fact is. Steve Bannon serves on the Board of Cambridge Analytica as well.

Yes. The research company who spied on millions of Facebook users. And stole/harvested their information.

Without their consent.

So its rather ironic to me, that he believes he has a right to monitor espionage against the U.S.

And cyber security.

When he himself, is a White Collar criminal.

And supports those who are.

Further, I find it astonishing that he.. as a character.

With his past and present behaviour, is in some way responsible for U.S National Security right now.

He also co-founded and runs a Far Right Online site called Brietbart News. It's principally Alt-Right.

Yes. He's regular little Nazi too. With a work history as an Investment Banker Wanker.

No someone needs to phone George Clooney. And Amal.

I can hear George Clooney now. Screaming,

'Amal. Get ya law books out and bring that failed F..king Screenwriter asshole to court. And try him under the Computer Fraud And Abuse Act'.

'And lock that Rodent away forever..away from U.S Government'.

Sounds reasonable to me.
Anonymous said…
So true, the Orange Buffoon has no class. I wonder what his immigrant wife and in-laws think!
T. W. said…
The ghosts of J. Edgar Hoover and that McCarthy fellow are pleased.

Alistair Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard are laughing as they burn in the flames of hell.

Guess what Friends.

The LORD has heard and answered our prayers. Be still and know that the LORD is God. Taste and see what the LORD is doing. Taste and see that the LORD is good.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes. The Committee seems abit 'McCarthy' hey.

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