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Another week of Hate & lies from Trump & Barr...

This is going to be the worst week yet...
Of what we hear from these 



Mariefass said…
It's Monday morning CD, have mercy! Go easy on the crazy. LOL.
Chick'sOpinion said…
CD I think the question people are dying to know. Is this arsehole Bill Barr going to jail?
When this is all over.
I mean how could he possibly, as a member of the upper hierarchy of the U S legal system get away with so much.
In such a public way beggars belief.
There's no way he would have got away with his behavior in Australia.
We'd have him strung up by his ankles on some beach rather quickly.
And the media here would carve him up for dinner too.
Australia doesn't like what they call 'tall poppies' who think they are above the law.
I think that's why Australian billionaire, Gina Rhinehart, the mining and environmental destroyer is so unpopular here.
She doesn't even live in Australia.
Nor talk like one.
She talks like she was born into English aristocracy.
As far as I know. She spent alot of her childhood growing up in the Australian desert. Or going to Australian boarding school.
Perhaps that's why she doesn't live here.
Quite disliked.
I preferred her father, Lang Hancock. At least he saw himself as an Australian. And actually lived here.
Chocmint33 said…
I think Barr knows he is in way over his head and that it's too late to go the other way and actually do the right thing.

Chick's Opinion - I remember the treatment Gina gave Rose Hancock Porteous - not that she was totally blameless. I was like a soap opera - better viewing than Dynasty in those days.
Chick'sOpinion said…

I missed the Rose Hancock/Porteous saga.
It wasn't reported in the UK. I only learned of it about 6 years when I was reading No Idea magazine or something similar. I occasionly used to read those magazines when I wanted something lighter.
Yes. Rose Hancock was the most shameless golddigger hey.
What was Lang Hancock thinkin?
I saw a doco on ABC on Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart. And she acted very swiftly and strategically when her father Lang Hancock was dyin in hospital and he finally realised Rose was fooling around with someone else.
Gina was talking to her father, Lang on his bedside phone from the U.S
So she asked her father, 'so do you feel you want to change your Will dad?'
And he said 'yes'.
So in an hour she had phoned their Australian lawyers and had them at Lang's hospital bedside to change his Will immediately.
I agree though how Gina Rinehart did everything she could to stop long term ....her greedy spoilt adult children gettin at the Trust Lang set up for them.
I mean the adult children of hers.... that took her to court to get control over that Trust. Gina wanted them shut off from it till 2068.
Because according to her, they have had so much money already. And should get jobs.
Lang Hancock never wanted to set up the Trust for Gina's kids in the first place. And she regrets bitterly that she didn't listen to her father.
He actually said to her 'you will rue the day you ever chose to do it'
Well how true is that.
And you probably know, greed infested Bianca Rinehart won her case against her mother Gina, with 2 other siblings who were part of the lawsuit. And she got access and control of the billions in the Trust.
Because Gina Rinehart only has a relationship today with 1 of her children, called Ginia.
The one who refused to sue her mother. are right. It's straight out of a Dynasty Episode. Australian Dynasty.
Chick'sOpinion said…
The Rinehart/Hancock family are the Australian equivalent of the Trumps.
For them too, it's too much and never enough.
T. W. said…
Let them keep talking so the truth can tumble out.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Bill Barr the traitor...reminds me of Fossil Fuels.
Outdated and bad for the air.

And is he the generation who stop women progressing? to high operational positions.
Well his Gen is probably not the only generation keeping women down at the moment.
Because so few women get to CEO level.
Because they have kids and go part time...and despite how remarkably experienced and qualified they are. When they can only return to 3 days a week part time work after havin babies. They are completely shut out of the opportunity to move into CEO roles.
The research on this subject doesn't lie.
That's what happens.
And unfortunately women stay there.
In that 3 days a week bubble.
And miss career opportunities they deserve.
And who gets those opportunities?

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