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Jacob Elordi & Kaia Gerber DATING ???

Aussie actor Jacob Elordi.
Is said to be dating model Kaia Gerber.
 I wonder if his long time "Friend" knows.
Maybe it's just part of the PR deal.


Chick'sOpinion said…
I've never heard of Jake Elordi. And I'm an Australian.
But then again, he may be off that dumb Australian Soap Opera, Home And Away.
It's where alot of Australian actors start their road to fame.
I have never been able to watch the show.
Because you would need a labotomy to watch it.
Or be 15.
T. W. said…
Kaia is skin and bones & her parents don't care. They tied her to a chair & photographed her for abusive purposes. Allegedly...

I wonder how her brother is doing? He was absolutely gorgeous. Then he went & got tattoos on his face. Rumor has it he & Kaia were too close. Anyone who willingly tattoos their face & is not a member of an indigenous tribe is mental.

That family is sick. These types of things are generational.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Well Jacob and Kaia won't be seen in restaurants as part of this PR crap.
Cause Kaia has an eating disorder.
Rather a big one.
And you actually have to eat at Restaurants.
That's the whole point.
And in Hollywood restaurants. If you order a whole meal.
And eat none of it. The waiters will notice I think. If you are famous.
I remember CD discussing Kaia's eating disorder a while back. In a concerned way.

I could never get an eating disorder. Even if I tried.
I only have to smell food. And I'm gone.
And sorry. I'm not into this portion control sh..t either.
I've often wondered how people with eating disorders have so much Will Power.... to resist.
I definitely have to read up on the psychology of Eating Disorders. Because their Will to resist facinates me.

I'm wondering too if former Supermodel, Cindy Crawford, Kaia's mother..... made most tasty food forbidden in their house.

Icecream banned
Chocolate banned
Fries banned
Milkshakes banned
Bread banned
Fried Food banned

Sorry I couldn't live with them.
CAT said…
Well since you're curious I'd like to admit I have an eating disorder. Since I hit puberty. There was something about the way my body suddenly started changing that made me try to shut that shit down real quick. Im out of my teens now but I still randomly starve myself and am constantly obsessing over my weight (I once didn't eat anything at all for 2 entire weeks).

The narc friend I spoke of a while ago knew this and used it to control me and break me. He constantly brought up my weight and made humiliating comments about my body in front of other people to make them laugh (and then when they'd go away he'd gaslight me and make me think think I was crazy for being upset he said I was "too sensitiv" and need to learn to take a joke. It was never a joke it was really fucked up things he said about me just to entertain other people. He was just one of many though, but he was definitely the worst.

For some reason I'm surrounded by people that constantly remind me that I am fat and tends to put me in starvation mode very easily. I've read up on it recently, I wanted to know why I am this way and it turns out my story is actually the story of most people with eating disorders. It almost always starts when you experience a sudden change or a traumatic event in your life (abuse, rape, the death of a pet or loved one, etc.) in my case rapid weight gain and body changes due to puberty.

What I learnt is apparently controlling your food intake gives you at least sense of control of your life while everything else seems out of your control and chaotic and scary; it's comforting to know that there's at least one thing in your life you can control that is food intake.

I hope that answered your question of how we find the willpower. The answer is it's not willpower at all lol. That why it's classified as a disorder. In fact I need willpower to stop myself from starving myself. My mom literally has to physically force feed me to stop me from starving. ��
Chick'sOpinion said…

Thank you for that. Your experience gives us a window into where Kaia Gerber is at.
And I wonder what traumatic experience kickstarted her eating disorder?
Or was it just the general atmosphere she grew up in around the modelling industry with her mum.
And the extrene focus on thinness. That you were only acceptable. If you were very thin.
In the same way as Donatella Versace's daughter, Allegra ended up with quite advanced Anorexia.
People will remember she is the niece of Gianni Versace, the very successful Italian fashion designer. Who was shot dead in Miami in 1997 when Allegra was 11.
Was this maybe the traumatic event that started Allegra's eating disorder?

On her 18th Birthday Allegra Versace inherited 50% of the Versace company. But it looked for a long time she wasn't gonna make it. She was expected to die of anorexia. The pics of her young. Are very alarming.

Yes CAT agree... these toxic narcissistic people can have devastating effects on you when they make comments about your body in a public way. I had a friend who used to make comments about the shape of my bottom. In public. And not soon after her bf joined in. And made the comment regularly too. It used to piss me off. It wasn't funny.
Fortunately she isn't my friend anymore. Grew up together. But as you know. Some people ...we are meant to 'grow apart' from. For our own survival and development.... or recovery. And in some cases, sanity.
I'm lucky...I'm not a person who looks in the rear vision mirror about friends I knew in High school. I am crystal clear that the crowd I hung with in High School were not positive people in my life. And I have zero nostalgia for them. And...Moving away is sometimes the best remedy for 'problem people' in your life.
It's real simple...just move. Don't look back. Just move.

I remember CD posted a while back, that Kaia Gerber's eating disorder is so bad. It could kill her. In pics she looks OK at the moment.
But as you know better than us. The inner turmoil about food and the control of it, is what is really at the heart of the disorder. Not the outward appearance.
I will pray for this girl Kaia Gerber.
I have empathy for anyone who grew up in the 'fashion industry'. It's so superficial and empty in my view. Arty.
But it's an industry that focuses on the 'skin deep' only.
And that ain't very deep.
Well not deep enough for most people. And the common problems peoole go through.
If you look at it that way. I guess it's not hard to understand how anorexia is common in that industry.
And how mandatory extreme thiness is in that industy. That for me is the worst aspect of it.
Chick'sOpinion said…
CD While we're on the subject of Eating Disorders. Alot of people are wondering about singer Celine Dion.
She's your namesake. Lol.
But anyway, alot of people are wondering if she now has an eating disorder.
At times in recent years. She's been alarmingly thin.
If she has an eating disorder as everyone suspects.
Was this caused by the loss of her much older husband? As what we've learned today, it appears the onset of eating disorders is trauma.
Some people are saying Celine is also under the negative influence of her stylist.
Who dresses her in truly bizarre clothes at times.
She's always had a bit of a strange dress sense.
But in recent years, it's gone next level.
Apple Monkey said…
Oh Cat,
I was so sad reading your experience. I do hope you are away from your narc friend. I am older than you - I hope you have got some friends who support you and try and help you understand you are a special person. Those type of people have no right in making you feel small, unworthy etc. They have issues and a true friend would not do that.
I hope you have got plenty of support. I am not sure where you are based but please carry on posting. Sending you lots of xo
T. W. said…

I am so sorry you are still struggling with food. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ you can and will eat regularly and enjoy the food. I pray your appetite becomes and remains healthy. I pray you are always surrounded by healthy people who love you. Amen.
T. W. said…
As for Kaia Gerber & trauma, I said many months ago she was abused as a child. A nanny caught the parents in the act. Someone found/took photographs that were published. But if you search the internet you will NOT find any pics of Kaia tied to the chair. What you will find are a few articles about Cindy Crawford (Kaia's mother) suing the child's nanny, claiming she took the photos and tried to blackmail them.

Crawford claims Kaia was tied to a chair as part of a game for a birthday party. What children's party has S & M games?
T. W. said…
As someone who is on an extremely limited diet due to multiple allergies, I am sad and hungry. I'm also tired of people commenting on my weight:

You lost too much weight

Are you okay


First of all, when I weighed nearly 230 pounds I got called an oompa loompa and that was one of the nicest things.

Secondly, some of the people who told me I was too fat are now saying I am too skinny.

And yes, I have been ill.

Look, I am 5 foot 2 inches tall. I weigh 140 something pounds. That is normal for my height. However, I do agree I have lost too much muscle.

My point is, comments about weight are hurtful. You never know what someone is going through. You never know if the person is fighting an eating disorder. You never know if you will trigger a relapse.
CAT said…
@Chick'sOpinion and @Apple Monkey

Thank you for your kind words and I wish all of you well too. And Apple Monkey I'm actually all by myself now. I've cut off almost all of my friends. I must've had really low self esteem because at least 85% of my so called "friends" were really plain toxic and/or narcissists.

Eh. I've cut them all of now and I think that's shocked them. I think they thought that because I had tolerated so much for so long that thye could just continue and I would just stay with them forever. So now they're apologizing and promising me thye will get better. Whether that's true or not I still don't care I've honestly become very comfortable being by myself and I have a couple friends whove always had my back (in fact they used to warn me about the other toxic friends constantly but I neve rhad the guts to leave those people behind before). I like it like this. Peace suits me more than chaos. 😊
CAT said…

Yes the onset can be due to any thing that feels really out of your control and give you a sense of helplessness.
One of them is trauma as I'm sure it was the trauma of the death of Celine's husband in her example but not always; sometimes it can just be sudden overwhelming change.

I had. A friend who develop it when her parents decided to move and she lost every one of her friends and couldn't quite adjust to our school. Couldn't make friends properly here. And she developed binge eating disorder which led to severe acidity and gave her peptic ulcer.
The brain is a weird organ honestly. 😅
Chick'sOpinion said…

I did exactly what you did. Did it at 22. As I mentioned before in earlier comment.
I just pretty much cut complete contact with these crazy toxic friends I went to High school with. Friends I went through many things with. And alot of nights out with them were very unpleasant I can tell you. Happy memories. Nope.
And I had already learned/realised by as early as 20, that they didn't give much of a a shit about me. Or themselves as it turned out.

It was easier for me to cut ties. Because I actually left the country at 22 and didn't come back for 11 years. And when I did return...I settled in an entirely different State to them.
But the good thing is, I was aware they were toxic early. But like you, it took me quite a few years to break free.
Their addictions to alcohol increased as they aged too. I heard about how it turned out for them individually through a mutual friend when I came back. Disastrous lives. Chaos.
And don't believe them. Most of them never change. Just get worse.
I now realise, the reason they made so many comments about my body was because I had a really good body. Healthy, thin, slim. And not bad looking either.
When I left the country. I truly didn't look in the rear vision mirror. Ever. Not really. They wrote me a few letters ( it was mail back then) I answered a few. But I was determined not to continue the contact. And pretty soon I stopped replying altogether.
Thing is, I was never one of them . I didn't even drink. Still don't.
What happens is, these people show you, who you are not. And through that, you identify your own identity. And values. Which is a wonderful thing. You reclaim you. By rejecting them.

No. You won't regret your decision CAT. And that will become more meaningful as time goes on.
And I learned to be on my own too. And waited patiently for real kind genuine friends to come along.
And they did. Peaceful sane, reliable friends.
Sounds like you already have them in your life now.
It's true what they say.
Real friends are those who walk in the door, when the others walk out.
Anyway take care.
And stay strong.
Anyway, life without them. Is 'a walk in the park' as they say.
CAT said…
@T.W. I'm really sorry about your health issues. 😔 Thank you so much for your prayers. I'll pray for you too. ❤️

@Chick'sOpinion holy heck you literally just described me I am 21 and I also realized how many I had "frenemies" when I was 20 and on a vacation in Sydney and that's when I cut off all contact with them.

And just like you I NEVER felt like I was one of them. I never even actively hung out with them it was they who were always clamoring for me to spend time with them. If I didn't, they'd just show up at home unannounced and not leave until I agreed. I'm not into drama and also I was a total doormat so I usually obliged.

That's probably why it finally dawned on me when I was on vacation. For the first time I was completely isolated from them in a foreign country for months together. They literally had no way to get to me there. Anyway it's kinda cool we had such a similar experience. You take care of yourself too. ❤️
Chick'sOpinion said…

You too. Yes it is kinda cool we experienced something so similar. In totally different decades.
Makes me realise, it clearly happens to alot of young people. Still.
Anyway, yes....find your own tribe. A nice tribe. I did. And never lower your standards for anyone. Or be talked into spending time with Toxic uncaring people.
And...Going on holiday, sure gives you fresh perspective on your life.
And you kmow, if you ARE just in your company...alone.
That's not bad company.
Cause always remember this about yourself.
You are nice to be around. To spend time with.
Connecting with your own soul.
Apple Monkey said…
Cat - please keep posting. I am very pleased to hear you are not in touch with those friends. You are absolutely right about peace.. Frenemies are hard work. And if they eat up your confidence and you start to notice it then your gut is telling you something. On a lighter note it is my dream to visit Sydney, Oz in general.
Wow Chicks that is so interesting you went through that at 22. I went through cutting people out in my mid twenties. I made the mistake to get in touch with a few of them six or seven years later but old resentments resurfaced and it did not do my confidence any good. You are right what you say about real friends. And also you don’t need lots and lots of friends. Just meaningful ones who will laugh and cry with you.

TW please look after yourself.

T. W. said…
CAT and Apple Monkey

Thank you both for your prayers and well wishes.

CAT — I’m glad you left toxic people behind. You are showing maturity beyond your years. Hang in there, this year will be over soon.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Apple Monkey

Yeah. You just chop them out of your life.
If a tree has diseased branches.
You remove those branches.
So the tree can survive. And grow strong and healthy.
These toxic troublemaking frenemies are dead wood.
That you don't need dragging behind you hey.
With all their nutty drama and baggage.
And you are right. It's dangerous to get in touch with one of them after a long time.
Cause they network bigtime.
And the next thing you know, the whole lot of them are back in your life. On the phone.
And you are back in their spiderweb.

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