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CLOSER & CLOSER Boris Johnson..worse to come in September..



    BORIS JOHNSON                 AWFUL


T. W. said…
Good luck British Friends!
Chick'sOpinion said…
I guess this is a classic case of Nimby's
The Not-in-My-backyard argument.
But in this case as it often is, it's a class issue too.
The Posh wealthy UK people don't want working class people or their ordinary new houses being built near them. And spoiling their rural idyl and view. In their exclusive counties, towns and villages.
Because the Tory supporting people who live there, in those Shires, think they own the land.
And in alot of cases, they do.
Think about where Kate Middleton is from, Buckinghamshire.
Exclusive, expensive, 'good' schools. Exclusive ones. No rif raf.

But then there's the environmental argument in all this.
Which the Poshy Tories in their picturesque Heritage Listed houses are not using as a reason to object.
Well not yet.
No. They are worried about about more material issues at the moment. Their property values going down. Because their house or quaint big 'chocolate box' cottage' is going to end up near a new housing estate.
And ordinary people.
And that is unacceptable to them.

Does Boris Johnson know who he's representing as leader of his Party?
Does he not eat his Weeta Bix in the morning. And therefore not thinkin straight by mid morning.
Cause even I could have predicted this revolt.
By the rich Nimbies. And their MP's.
Even on one of my off days.
(Or...When I don't have time for breakfast either)

Everyone knows, that a big change in planning laws for big building companies....developers like Barratts. Is fine as far as the rich are concerned. For what's known as Brownfield sites, former industrial sites. Or poor areas, specifically in Labour supporting cities.
But NOT in the exclusive Home Counties.

I found it quite amusing when I read Essex MP, Tory To His Toenails, Sir Bernard Jenkin say the other day,

'I'm not inclined to vote for a relaxation of the planning laws to make it easier for the mega-builders. When the real problem is a failure of local authority and powers to ensure that the right houses are built in the right places'.

What he means is.... the right places for working class people and their houses, is not near him and his rich friends.

With Boris Johnson I think, what we have here, is a failure to give a sh .t.
He's masterminded this plan with that idiot Dominic Cummings. Toasted glasses of Pimms Gin over it. And said, 'we can do this, cause we currently rule the world'.
Funny how Pimms clouds their brains and causes them to crash their Range Rovers.
Or their leadership, of whatever.

I wouldn't be surprised too. If Boris and Dominic have been offered ownership of several of these new houses built in Posh Home Counties areas. As a sweetener bribe.
Time they checked the offshore bank accounts of these two. Because I can't see that Boris Johnson is doing this 'for the ordinary people'.
If anything, he's doing it for the Mega-builder companies.
Chick'sOpinion said…
This latest revolt seems to make the possibility of Kier Starmer as the next UK Prime Minister ....more possible.
Has anyone else noticed how good looking he is?
Just sayin.

I reckon heaps of older chicks will vote for him just because he's hot.
Cordelia said…
Chick's Opinion

I agree Keir is a hotty and his ice cool grasp of the facts and analytical mind is like a breath of fresh air.
Chick'sOpinion said…

I'm gonna have to watch Kier Starmer action.
I didn't know he was very sharp too. In his communication. And delivery.

Mmmmm. Good looks and a clever mind. A deadly attraction for most people.

Breathe the fresh air UK people. Won't be long and Boris will be gone.

And anyway, he probably won't care. He's got a new baby to look after.
How many babies does this man have?
He's got exes and children everywhere it seems.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Boris John at this time is trying to distance the UK from being seen as only a trading partner with EU. A bit like when when you're no longer married. And everyone keeps talking about you as a couple with your ex. Very annoying.
And it is to Boris.
But Boris has been tryin to change the narrative about Brexit from the very beginning. And yesterday he banned certain Ministers from any language that infers that Brexit is in it's present form. He wants it referred to now as 'an historical event'.
No doubt they all replied 'Yes Minister'.
Well not all of them anyway.
But they are being ordered to talk up the trading relationships with other countries. Beyond EU ones. Sort of like, there is life for the UK after Brexit.
I entirely get it, that there is. Because there was a perfectly good normal life for the UK before the UK joined the EU so deeply. I mean Boots and all.

No Boris now wants phrases like 'the EU will be one of many partners'.
But Brussels, the EU equivalent of The Kremlin in Europe, don't like any of it. The Phrases, Boris and his independent ideas. And Michel Barnier, director of the European Commission in Brussels, is still giving Boris headaches over Brexit fine details. The small print.

Well what is mixed up with the Barnier Brexit Barney. Or conflict now?
Well it's about Northern Ireland.
Today Sir Bob Neill leads a bid to ammend the government's new 'Internal Market Bill'. And this will deny Ministers authority to break international law in regards to Northern Ireland, specifically in regards to Trade.
Boris blames Brussels. He always does.
He claims Brussels are trying to 'carve up the United Kingdom' 'trying to insist on trade checks between the UK and Northern Ireland.'
Why is this whole thing important anyway?
Well not just the carve up. But it's implications. It risks peace in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement. And that, as anyone old enough to know, has the potentional to ignite at a moments notice.
And be no longer an agreement.
Actually war.

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