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True, so true.. God Bless Bob Woodward...



Chick'sOpinion said…
Absolutely bang on.

Trump was an adult during the U.S Watergate scandal.
He knows everything about what went down with President Nixon. And journalists, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.
And yet....Trump says to Woodward, 'yeah yeah I'll cooperate in one of your books on me'
How dumb is Donald Trump?

No, he has absolutely no talent for politics.
Makes you wonder how he's survived as a High End realestate agent and developer.
The only genius I've seen in him.
Is a genius for failure.
Chocmint33 said…
Thank heavens for Bob.
Chick'sOpinion said…
We've noticed that Trump has always wanted his Presidency to be remembered for some historical deal, Agreement or Treaty.
And he's never actually achieved that.
Despite putting so much 'waste of time' energy into resolving the conflict with North Korea and demilitarizing them.

Well Trump has finally achieved something.
An agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. To work on economic ties.
The agreement is.... that they will work on pledges to establish railway links and highway links.
Also, they agree to freeze for a year, campaigns advocating for or against. So basically normalising political ties.
Part of the deal is that Serbia has committed to moving it's Embassy to Jerusalem. And Israel and Kosovo have agreed to normalize and establish diplomatic relations.
Serbian President Aleksander Vucic seems happy with it all so far.
But he underlined that the agreement is with the United States. Not Kosovo.
This whole thing will go some way to normalise economics in the region. At least I hope so.
But is it as big a breakthrough as Trummp claims?
Not according to Eastern European political scientist, Jasmin Mujanovic. She claims, 'in my mind this is more of a resumption in dialogue btween the two sides.'
That's good for the region. But it's not like some massive breakthrough'
Edward Joseph, a Senior fellow with John Hopkins university seemed to say the same thing as Jasmin Mujanovic.
He said of the Agreement, 'it's mostly vague, it's not even clear on the economic stuff'

So if Trump thinks that he's showing some amaze- balls skills as an international deal-maker based on this and his recent efforts at a Pact to normalize relations. Between Israel and United Arab Emirates. He's wrong.
And's a telling fact.
When the Serbian and Kosovo leaders signed the other day. They both signed separate documents. Not one.
Serbia, by the way, will be the first European country to open an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. And Kosovo, the first with a Muslim majority.
I see this as the only remarkable thing about this 'agreement'. Because I'm not buying Trump's claim that this Agreement will improve things.
Letty said…
And there is more coming out
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes it's more like an avalanche.
And does Trump fool himself to believe that when and if he loses the election.
That he's going to be able to just walk back into his old life doing 'the art of deal' in realestate?
It will be more like The Art Of The Plea Deal. Because he's gonna have never ending legal cases to deal with. I think till the day he dies.
He's gonna be sued left, right and centre.

And so is his crime family.
So the Trump Christmas table conversations are gonna be very different in future for them.
They'll be all about lawyers, their up and coming hearings, sentencing prospects. How much money they are gonna lose. Who they need to pay to be quiet. And not talk.
I think Ivanka is already planning big time....damage control, on how she's gonna deal with all this. And for Jared.
Cause pychics are consistent in their predictions on Jared.
That Jared kushner IS going to jail.
Jailed Jared!
What a dream.
Not that I'm really that happy that he's being jailed. Because I sincerely believe. As dumb as he is, if he hadn't married Ivanka and into the Trump family. None if this would have happened to him.
His kids are are gonna lose a dad.
And thats what's tragic in this.
I guess it depends on how many years Jared gets in jail.
CD is it a long time or a short sentence?
Will Jared be wearing Orange?

And psychics are consistent too...that the Trumps are stealing billions of U.S dollars.
And hiding it.

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