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TOLD YA.. TIM TEBOW, not so Christian...

Bells, Balls or both !!

So NFL Quarterback,
 Tim "I love Jesus" Tebow.
Is single again?
I didn't even know
he was dating.
Plus hasn't he declared he's waiting for marriage?
Somebody tell him
we have marriage equality now.
So there's no stopping him... Mind you wait till the public. Find out how greedy he is. Not very Christian....


T. W. said…
Let me get this straight.

The average pastor in America is lucky to take home $50,000 a year after taxes.

Tim Tebow charged churches and nonprofit organizations $50,000 for an hour or less of speaking time.

Well. I guess that’s straighter than he is...
T. W. said…
Tim Tebow claims God helped him win football games. He did not say God helped him and his team do their best.

Okay then.

Following Tebow’s logic God made other teams lose.

Does that sound like something God would do?
Chick'sOpinion said…
Tim Tebow has written alot of books too.
The titles are Shaken, Through My Eyes, This Is The Day, Know Who You Are Live Like It Matters.

I think the one called called Know who You Are is appropriate for this post.

But he should have written know what you are, with a bit more honesty and depth.
Because there's plenty of evidence for what he is. He's as greedy as about money.
I don't know anything about American football.
But it's well documented he apparently destroyed his tenure with the Denver Broncos. Because of his giant ego and greed.

One Anerican footballer described him as ...'the most self-centred humble guy I've ever met'

Personally I think this is common with alot of these people who write autobiographical books early in life.
And it's not just their ego and themselves they want to talk about.
They want to make alot of money from the books.
Mariefass said…
If they had any real knowledge of God they would not dare to call themselves Christians.
T. W. said…
Anyone else remember Christian telling us millions will be homeless?

WOW!!!! Federal Reserve Bank Has Bought up 1 Trillion $'s of Mortgages Since CV because Global Reset
T. W. said…
Tim Tebow was a crap football player. Ask your other American Friends. Some people are famous for being famous.
Chick'sOpinion said…
I think he should be renamed 'Tim Ego'

It's a better fit.

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