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HO HO Boris Johnson...


I do hope Boris Johnson isn't expecting to put up the Christmas tree at 10 Downing St this year !.

He's heading to be hiring Pickfords instead...

 He really is a moron.


Odin said…
Hi CD!!

What will happen to Dominic Cummings?
Cordelia said…
A sorry state of affairs,
Chick'sOpinion said…

Dominic Cummings will be going 'out out'
Sally said…
Hi Christian,

Who will replace Boris Johnson?

Will the UK leave the EU 31sr December 2020 or will there be an extension?

Thanking you,
Chick'sOpinion said…
And Dominic Cumming continues on his 'reform' ambition .....and obsession, about Whitehall.

This week he's so far forced the elimination of 6 permanent secretaries who headed UK government departments.
He wants to integrate together the Cabinet Office, the treasury and Number 10.

He's doing this because he wants to eliminate what he believes are the independent power bases. That he believes are headed by senior Civil servants who deliberately block the aims of elected politicians.
Funny...I thought their role was to challenge elected politicians in a democracy.
But anyway.

Let's get to know Dominic Cummings. Who most know I loathe and despise.
Who does Dominic Cummings have a poster of, on the wall in his bedroom?

Well apart from a poster of the Right Wing UK former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. It's a poster of John Hoskyns. Dear Margaret Thatcher's first Policy Chief.
John Hoskyns runs his own I.T group these days.
...known as the Hoskyns Group. Which is now multinational called Capegemini.

John Hoskyns hates trade unions. Always has.
And this is where Dominic Cummings and he are kindred spirits.
Early in his career, decades ago, John Hoskyns wrote articles calling for basically an end to Trade Unionism in the UK. And a total 're-think of the role of the State.'
He's famous for a diagram of his political aims. It's called the 'wiring diagram'.
And Dominic Cummings doodles it all over the furniture of Whitehall. All day.
It's like Post Malone's face. But an intelligent version.
No sorry just kidding.
But really, this Wiring Diagram does exist. And dear Dominic Cummings loves it.
And... he believes it explains fully why successive British governments failed.
By being according to John Hoskyns, 'a tired old country in decline' That 'needed more welfare, not more money'.
Hoskyns also moaned back then, that 'too much faith was put in British institutions that were failing to do the job of improving living standards for most people'.

I'll agree on one of his points. Prior to the change that he helped usher in with that Right Wing cow, Margaret Thatcher. Most working class British people did not have access to buying their own home. Margaret Thatcher changed that.
For the better.
But her and Hoskyns' destruction of British Trade Unionism in the UK did not improve the living standards for the British people at all. In fact...It reduced it. Millions lost their jobs particularly in the Notth. In the mining industry.
And job security has completely eroded since.
And that still stands today.
Because where there's no trade unionism. There's no rights, job security.
Or a good standard of work conditions.
And Dominic Cummings is an architect of ensuring Margaret Thatcher's and Hoskyns' legacy continues.
In fact, he wants to take it next level.
And here's the evidence.
The sooner Boris Johnson is gone. The quicker the UK will be rid of Dominic Cummings.
And his destructive goals.
Sally said…
Apologies Christian

I should have said “transition period”. “EU single market and customs union” will it be delayed?

Hi Chick I really enjoy your comments I have learnt a lot from you

TW keep your spirits up.

Take care everyone, keep safe x

Chick'sOpinion said…


Yes I want to know if it will be delayed too.

You know I no longer live in the UK. So would you describe Boris Johnson's style of leadership as, just fill the cabinet with allies? To control everything. What I see/read seems to bear it out.
But this Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnsin's closest advisor I'm banging on about, is a dangerous character in my view.
And his continuous radical behaviour has been somewhat hidden. Because of the Pandemic. He's not radical in a good way either.
He and Boris Johnson's radical reforms. Are all claimed to be in the name of improving the UK. Claiming that leaders of UK Civil Service Departments need to be a higher level expertise. To be far more effective. Perform better.
On this, I think Dominic Cummings is a liar.
Because I know someone who's been trying to get a job in the UK Civil Service. While they don't need nearly as much staff as they used to.
From my observation of the modern applications for the UK Civil Service...The competencies and qualifications to get an ordinary Civil Service job are already really high.
Quite the reverse of what liar Dominic is claiming.
At Secretary of a UK Civil Service Institutions level, the qualifications and experience would be way higher too.
So Dominic Cummings' claim about a strong need to sack existing civil service staff and replace them to improve performance is rubbish. He just doesn't like the old system.
Cause old systems follow tradition. And are probably pro monarchy too.
And he wants people to follow him. Not tradition. And not the Queen.
The fact that CD predicted long ago that Boris Johnson intends too.
To remove the monarchy, fits very well with Dominic Cummings radical ruthlessness. And vile little vision for the UK.
Maybe alot of people in the UK want an end to British monarchy. But fact is, there are still plenty who don't.
If Boris Johnson remains in power and so in turn does that evil little master of manipulative malevolent politicking, Dominic Cummings. It won't be long before he pushes forward a referendum on the end of the British Monarchy. Once Brexit is fully over.
Queen Elizabeth needs to remove Boris Johnson urgently in my veiw. Because of this.
And here's just one of the many many things Dominic Cummings has done. This year he had the door connecting No.10 Downing St with the Cabinet Office removed.
And he adores Margaret Thatcher.
In fact he said that 'Thatcher's revolution took so long to get underway, not starting till her 2nd term, because she failed to listen to Hoskyns or authorise him to take direct control of Whitehall'

Well Dominic Cummings isn't gonna miss the chance to 'control Whitehall'. Not this time.
CD I wonder what will become of this little monster Cummings once Boris leaves Office?
Are there any old Wells in Whitehall or the Palace Of Westminster that Dominic Cummings can be thrown down?
Cause that's what they used to do in the UK in medieval times.
With people with bad characters like him.
Chick'sOpinion said…
I sat back and waited for the Millenial Generation to become the major force they were born to be. And then suddenly the combination of the #metoo movement, marriage equality and the Black Lives Matter Movement ignited them. With amazing results.
Took em awhile.
For years the majority of them were not particularly political. They were too busy havin fun, waving their hands in the air at music festivals to LMFAO and Foster The People. Gen Y were kinda the same.
But the last few years they've owned People Power.

In remarkable ways, they will be acknowledged for what they have acheived..... in future history. Particularly the way they have mastered technology for highly effective instant activism.

Well I discovered a while back, that the Millenials have no clue what Trade Unionism is.
How it works. Why it works. And the profound power of it.
I thought to myself, why would they know or understand it? They have grown up in a Post Thatcher Britain. Thatcher destroyed almost all of the amazing Trade Union powerbase in the UK.
It's the same in Australia. Millenials have no experience of 'going on strike'.
Anyone who started work in the early 80's in Australia, in a 'unionised' workplace. Will remember fun days on the picket line. Stopping 'scab' workers entering the workplace. Stopping them ruining everybody's shut down demands to the employer.
So I have been waiting for Millenials to discover Trade Unionism. And re-create it. Bring it back.
If they rediscover it. They will love it I think.
Cause it appeals to their blanket tyranny that they like to mete out on people, organisations and injustice. Which makes me giggle most of the time.
They call it 'cancel culture'.

And imagine how more effective Millenials' activism with Trade Unionism would be, in partnership with the technology Millenials have mastered.
It would be awesome.
One psychic has predicted Trade Unionism IS coming back.
If it does it will be the Millenials who do it.
And I'll enjoy the show.
CD Do you see this return of Trade Unionism?
It's much needed in de-regulated workplaces today.
Amazon is the strongest example.
Sally said…

Hi chick,

I agree with your opinion about Boris “just fill the cabinet with allies”

I dread to think what is going to happen to the UK.

Christian has been very kind with his predictions.. Thank you X
Sally said…
Hi Chick

Dominic Cummings I totally agree with you, The UK needs good vibes. What have we got ourselves into?

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