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Angel. monolith said…
Ohayo Christian!
T. W. said…
Ohayou Hizaimasu!

I speak blessings over our Friends in the land of the rising sun.
Chocmint33 said…
Good morning everyone. :)
Chick'sOpinion said…
Thank you to Japan. Who's coastguard just spent a week putting in a massive operation in the search for survivors of the Gulf Livestock 1 Ship.
When it capsized and sank when it was hit by a Typhoon. On it's way from New Zealand to China.

Australia says Thank you. For the huge effort.

As 2 Australians are among the missing.
One is State of Queensland, Vet, Lukas Orda. And State of Tasmania man, Will Mainprize. He was a stock Handler on the ship.
Neither have been found.
The rest of the sailors are mainly Philipino. 45 of them I think....still missing.
But there are among the missing too, two New Zealanders, Scott Harrison from Palmerston North and Lochie Bellerby from Southland

Japan managed to rescue 3 Philipino sailors so far.
Looks like that's all they will be able to find.
Though Panama will continue to search now in international waters.

What is amazing about the Japanese Coastguard. They had to stop search when another Typhoon came. But resumed immediately when it was over. They were determined.

Unfortunately, the families are devastated that the search has now been called off. But search and rescue always know when there's no hope I guess.
People, tourists to Australia, know this....if you go bushwakking in Australian forests. And get lost.
Australian Search and Rescue stop looking for you after 2 weeks.
Well only because we know you are probably dead. Especially in Summer. No one can survive that.

But facts are emerging about that ship Gulf Livestock 1.
That it did not have up to date charts etc.
And they had been advised to update when it was docked in Darwin some time ago.
Sad too. All the livestock, cows on board were lost too.

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