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One Way or another....Gone by August.... !

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta.
Will be gone, soon...
Thanks to Jeffrey Epstein, & his little black book..


CyndiTx123 said…
good riddance!!!
Chick'sOpinion said…
This Acosta guy is the fucking maggot Lawyer who way way back.

Got Jeffery Epstein that disgustingly light 'secret' Plea Deal.

That allowed him and his co conspirators to walk away, Scot Free.

I wonder if Acosta will reflect that it was worth losing his career over it.

Or has this maggot Acosta got a Panamanian Bank account?

Full of money from Jeffery Epstein.

In case of this eventuality Christian is predicting here.

Time the Cops checked ALL this Acosta's bank accounts.

Cause I wouldnt be surprised if it's overflowing with Bribe Money.

From many wealthy people.

Not just Jeffery.
Melic21 said…
i cannot wait for this black book to expose these disgusting people who violated young women and are still running along as per the usual, please let this be as big if not bigger than the harvey weinstein scandal!
Chick'sOpinion said…

Wouldnt be surprised if it ends up as big as the Harvey Wynstein Scandal.

The public are more willing these days to look at stuff like this. And demand Justice.

But the big change is that people are too scared these days to lie for rapists.

Sex offenders generally.

Cause it may cost them their job/careers.
Let's see if people come out now and tell cops what they know about Jeffery Epstein.

Chick'sOpinion said…
Does Donald Trump ever stop trying to manipulate World leaders. And high level politicians.

To entirely suit his family's agenda.


Cause, today he's banned from the Whitehouse.

And the U.S government from communicating. With the current British Ambassador to the U.S, Sir Kim Darroch.


Because Sir Kim Darroch criticised Trump in Memos home to the U.K.

Does Trump even know thats what a bloody Ambassador is supposed to do?

Comment on the country they have been assigned to.

Sir Kim Darroch described Trump's administration as 'unlikely ever to be competent. Dysfunctional and inept'

Well. That pretty much sums up alot of Trump's management in lots of areas.

But what I find even further galling.

Is that Britsh politician, Trade Minister, Liam Fox is expected to have to apologise for Sir Kim Darroch criticisms.

To that dumb unqualified bitch, Ivanka.

Not a Whitehouse official.

A real estate project manager, a Jewelery store owner, a retail store owner and a fashion line owner.

Cause thats Ivanka Trump's total C.V

The whole inclusion of her involved in high level politics that affects the world.

Is so unethical. It's beyond comprehension.

Trump is giving the U.K no other alternative but to provide the U.S with a new Ambassador.

One that suits him. And one who won't criticise him. How Facist is that.

Well here's my Memo to Ivanka.

Dear Ivanka

Start lookin for a new hubby. Cause that boy wonder Real Estate guy Jared, you married is soon goin to jail. Like his dad.

So start looking for a new cashed up husband. From another cashed up U.S family.

And start picking outfits to wear to Supervised Visits at Correctional Centers.

They're very fussy. So no hidden pockets.

And no orange. It will clash with Jared's prison uniform.

And ya might have to blow the male Prison Guard. To be allowed to bring in for Jared, National Real Estate magazines.

Cause you understand more than anybody ivanka.

It ain't who ya know. It's who ya blow.

Ambassador to the U.S
Anonymous said…
I agree Melic 21,; the little black book will be very interesting. I wonder who might be in the index under the letter “ T” ?
T. W. said…
LOL Chick'sOpinion!

Dear Britain,

Please do not change Ambassadors. You need someone to tell it like it is. You will keep other people's respect.

With Love,

Apple Monkey said…
Disgusting man. Epstein should have been behind bars a long time ago.
Chick'sOpinion said…
And a U.S Judge ruled in February.

That Alexander Acosta's Legal team's handling of Jeffery Epstein's case, violated the Crime Victim's Act.

And the question The New York Times asked yesterday was,

'Why on earth did Manhattan D.A's Office (ran by Democrat, Vance Cyrus Jr) ask the Judge to downgrade Epstein's Sex Offender Status.

From Level 3, the most serious.

To a Level 1. The least serious'?

'The (female) judge who was asked by them to do this,

Was stunned by this request. And refused'.

And replied,

'I am a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a Prosecutors Office do anything like this'.

Here it is guys. Even this Judge smelled there were rats purposely saving Epstein's neck.

Not that it was difficult to smell.

Because Alexander Acosta has consistantly provided Jeffery Epstein with an legal leniency never seen with such high level Sex Offender crimes like his.

Did Acosta really believe this was never gonna hit the headlines?

Again. Epstein offending again.

Because it's blatantly obvious that a serious Sex Offender of Epstein's calibre.

Can never be rehabilitated.

In a word. Cannot stopped.

Only jailed.
T. W. said…
Thank you for sharing this. I pray the Hand of God is at work here and justice will finally be rendered.
T. W. said…

Epstein Agrees to Name High-Profile Friends Who Paid for Sex With Minors In Exchange for 5 Years Max In Prison
T. W. said…
That was quick. Epstein naming names forced his hand.

Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigns Amid Epstein Sex Scandal
T. W. said…
Blind Items claim the FBI interviewed former President Bill Clinton on Friday (July 12) and that if they want to catch bigger fish then they need to arrest and interrogate the alleged Human Trafficking Queen, Angelina Jolie.

Today's Blind Items - Caught Up

Blind Item #1 - Monday, July 15, 2019

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