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TOLD YA & it's only Monday...


Letty said…
I bet Epstein is responsible for the many migrant young
Girls that went missing and some readers
Say were sold to Russia
Chick'sOpinion said…
The End of the Road for a Mass Rapist

Yes. Billionaire Mass Rapist Jeffery Epstein was arrested when he arrived at Teterboro Airport in Jersey on Saturday. Off a plane from France.

Yes. the cops were there to arrest him.

Interesting. You get to holiday in France when you are a known Mass Rapist.

This astounding ongoing farce 10 years after Jeffery Epstein entered an amazing plea deal

That basically got him off everything. AND even registering as a sex offender in most states.

Like any ordinary mass rapist would have been.

Jeffery Epstein was basically able to return to the community. Anyone's community.

And lure young girls..minors to his mansions. And rape them. Probably internationally too.

Cause he's able to leave the U.S without restrictions. Unbelievable!!

Yes hes been at it full-on since the secret light plea deal. ... yes since then.

he's been Raping girls on the Upper East Side

He even lured and raped a girl at his 7 floored Manhattan townhouse. One of the largest townhouses apparently in Manhattan.

And his South Florida Mansion. Palm Beach again!!

I believe. Lots of girls there. Some as young as 13.

He is now about to face those old Florida Charges. Of luring young girls there sayin hes gonna pay them for massages. And raping them instead.

His Florida rapes were discovered in a big way.

Way back in 2005 when the parents of one of his victims went to the police.

Outrageously, his original plea deal 10 years ago for rapes and sex traffickig.

Shielded him from charges he faced in Florida.

However..There have been many civil law suits against him since that plea deal by other young women...victims.

AND girls reporting rapes by him to the cops.

No. This sadistic maggot has been a protected species for most of his life.

Well..Who has been protecting him?

Fellow Billionaire friends,

People in very powerful high places. Even Govt.

He's a very well connected predator.

Unlike Harvey Wynstein. Jeffery Epstein's influence internationally is never ending.

He clearly has fellow pedophile friends in every sphere of policing, govt. And the Law industry I'd say.

Well. The New York Times reported last night.

Jeffery Epstein faces 45 years in jail.

Too fukn late.

The damage has been done.

Stretching as far back as the 80's

And Epstein got the use of, 10 years ago. A dazzling array of top lawyers.

To get him that extremely light secret Plea Deal.

That should never have happened.

Including a Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz.

And Special Counsel Kenneth Starr

The mistake they made though and his lawyer named Acosta I think

Was deliberately not informing victims of the 'secret' Plea Deal.

Seems they were supposed to.

And here's a further Royal Connection Fact. Than Epstein just knowing Prince Andrew.

In 2011, when this odious sadistic maggot jeffery Epsein got released out of a Florida jail.

He gave a party in honour of his dear friend.. Prince Andrew.

At Epstein's Florida Mansion

What were they celebrating?

Obviously...Freedom to continue to rape underage girls

Chick'sOpinion said…
oops! Typo. Jeffery Epstein arrived on Saturday at Teterboro Airport, New Jersey.

Welcome home Maggot.
Chick'sOpinion said…
And. Further insult to justice.

Jeffery Epstein's co-conspirators got off as part of this disgusting secret Plea Deal.

They are the ones who assisted in running the Prostitution Ring Jeffey 'the Germ' Epstein ran.

No I'm hoping the metoo# Movement chicks and men, have been bringing it... to make this arrest happen.

If not. I hope they break out in protest in huge numbers.

And monitor very closely, this new court case of Epstein.

Or does it go back to trial? Who knows.

But one thing... its very very doubtful his powerful influential friends are gonna be able to keep him out jail long term this time.

In the 10 years since this creature escaped life in a U.S jail.

The metoo# Movement has happened.

And it's his misfortune.

And the other thing that needs to happen.

His co-conspiritors need to be brought back to trial.

Cause they walked away Scot free. Years ago.

And that's a total miscarriage of Justice for the victims.

100's of them.

Oh they are gonna, maybe sue the arse off this vile creature, Epstein.

Hope they still can.

He's got a never ending supply of wealth.

T. W. said…
Thank you Chick'sOpinion.

The Truther Community has been saying the border crisis is a front for human trafficking. The TC believes this will all be exposed. I pray it will.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Yes. Were some of these girls sex trafficked to Russia and Dubai? Europe. Never seen again.

And are currently posted as Missing persons in the U.S

Good question

Chick'sOpinion said…
Intake Letter From A Governer Of A U.S correctional Facility

To Jeffery Epstein.

Dear Jeffery Epstein

I've got a blank space baby. And I'll write ya name.

Kinds Regards

Autocratic Sadistic Despotic Governer
Of A Correctional Facility
Chick'sOpinion said…

Good comment. How involved is Jeffery Epstein's Sex Trafficking ring gettin their hands on migrant kids. Stuck in the border crisis.

It will come out eventually I believe

Yes guys . I think AC/DC summed it up best about Jeffery Epstein

'Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap'

If you are a billionaire.
diviner21 said…
A great example of what the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius transit may bring. Epstein has his Sun at 0 Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius symbolizes a grass root mobilization of the masses. Many different groups will arise working in a lateral fashion to clear the swamp of people like Epstein and his cohorts. Aquarius works though groups and is political .
Chick'sOpinion said…

Thanks for that.

Movement of the masses.

That is exactly what's happening in so many ways.
T. W. said…
Thank you diviner21! Don't be a stranger.
T. W. said…
Migrant kids in overcrowded Arizona border station allege sex assault, retaliation from U.S. agents

Migrant children held in Yuma, Arizona, report sex assault and retaliation for protests in addition to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding.
Apple Monkey said…
Thanks so much Chicks. A lot of what you said hasn’t been reported in England. They are going with the Ghislaine Maxwell angle. I am so appalled that he served such a short term in 2008.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Apple Monkey

I subscribe to the New York Times online.

It's quite cheap. And they are thorough.

To the point of perfection.

They tell the whole story. Not half the story.

And they rarely go to print on anything unless they know its absolutely true.

But I find The Guardian UK online is also a totally fact based one.

An equally excellent well researched online newspaper.

As is The Times. And the UK Independent.

The journalists of these newspapers are like pure DNA Bloodhounds.

They dig deep. And deeper and deeper.

I realised very young. To read the WHOLE article in any high quality newspapers.

Cause you'll never benefit intellectually from 'snack sized' journalism.

That is becoming more and more the norm.

In fact 'Snack Sized' news causes you to become morally illiterate.

Cause you miss the back story.

Read 'the whole enchilada' as the Americans hilariously say.

Sorry guys. But I love that expression.

And Frank Sinatra used to say it too.

In a funny way.

He used it when he threatened to sue Kitty Kelly.

The author who wrote a tell all book about him.

And his family.

He considered havin her whacked over it.

Too funny.

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