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Hiya Mate...


Miranda said…
Hiya CD and all fun lovers.

He's the baby got to love him.
Quiet said…
Darling baby..

but at first quick glance i thought we were actually honored to view and see an updated pic of Prince Harry and Meghan markles biological son Meghan birthed down her uterus on UK soil 17 months ago.

Still searching that national birth registry search for that archie born in UK on may 6th 2019. Found Amy Schumers son Gene also born may 6th 2019 but no Archie Mountbatten born in UK in april or may 2019.

Is the Invisible Baby Gig up yet for the former royals?
Surely the proud parents have a true unaltered UK Gov issued birth certificate card in their wallet for their son Buwahahahahaha

These 2 running to schools to take pics with other people kids( with their own photographer) is pissing off the parents who couldnt even go near their kids at school due to covid.
Chick'sOpinion said…
After her messy end with Sam Cooper, English singer Lily Allen has just married another.
In Las Vegas
The guy she's married is out of Stranger Things, David Harbour. Apparently.
I haven't bothered watching a whole episode of Stranger Things. It's set in 1983. As I recall 1983 very clearly.
I don't need a recreation of it. It would bore me.
But I get why people enjoy re-creations of the 80's.
The music, the fashion.
Someone young in ny family said about 80's fashions.

'Wtf was going on in the 80's with fashion. It's like they discovered new fabrics. And put as many of them together in each outfit, it's so bad'

Anyway let's hope this is a better relationship than the one before for Lily Allen.
She didn't have a good start in life. Her father was the shambolic Keith Allen.
I watched his stupid drunken antics in the Press for years in the 90's.
According to her. He even used drugs in front of her when she was a little girl.
Parents who do that are the lowest of the low in my veiw.
Shame Lily Allen didn't continue with music more seriously.
But I guess her fans grew up.
And Lily's teen-ish music lost it's appeal.
I wonder if David Harbour wore 80's clothes when he married her.
If he did.
The results will be mixed.
T. W. said…
I know Lily Allen's name but I have no clue why she is famous.
T. W. said…
From the mouth of babes.

Hello everyone!

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