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I know I'm naughty, but I couldn't resist...


Chocmint33 said…
Gross. Melania is with him for the money - his dirty money. Duh!
Via said…
You people are perverted and disgusting. Why the hell would you get off or think something like this is funny or okay, sad people 🤢🤮
Michelle said…
Why are irrelevant people from AUSTRALIA commenting and twisting the minds of people who are eligible to vote for the president of the USA??? Please keep your irrelevant opinions to yourself! This is about good v evil and it will effect us all so don’t listen to CD, like Ben said he’s extremely biased!!
T. W. said…
When pigs fly...
Letty said…
The good year blimp!
Talkgirl12 said…
Hi Michelle please take a chill pill remember everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter were they live because we are all on this planet together like or not
Chick'sOpinion said…

I guess you won't think Australians are so irrelevant if the U.S gets into another war. And you need allies. Yet again.
The U.S and Australia have a long good political relationship...or alliance. Especially in regards to War.
We'd like to keep it that way. And do.
It's far safer too that way. For all of us. So we have an interest in what direction the U.S is taking politically.
Australia is accommodating 1000's of U.S Servicemen and women in Darwin, in the Top End (Northern) part of Australia. And I think in Bowen too.
It's a reciprocal arrangement.
The U.S help us keep the Asia Pacific (Indo Pacific) Region safe.
From China. And control the ongoing problem with North Korea.
This bilateral arrangement has been going for 75 years. We have a similar relationship with the UK.
The defense ties and cooperation between the U.S and Australia are very close.
It basically means....if any country attacks the U.S. We have your back. Immediately. And vice versa.
We also have a Security Treaty Alliance with the U.S. That came into action after September 11.
I don't have any issue with anybody else having an opinion about Australian politics. If it interests you. World politics is international.
And America hasn't been off the front page for quite a few years. Everywhere.
Its a hot topic. Outside the U.S.
Are we trying to influence U.S politics?
No. Just interested.
So its normsl other people are developing an opinion on it.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Agree. The outcomes for other countries often do affect us. Unfortunately.
It will be a better place when we all live under the name of one nation. With a one world government.
No. Before anyone you mean a New World Government? No I don't.

I just tend to think if there were not so many goverments. And just one. There'd be less arguments.
Shared goals.
And less wars.
If we all waved the same flag. We'd all be in agreement.
Its possible.
Chick'sOpinion said…

I'm gettin the feeling you don't like this blog.
You know, I don't like cucumbers. It's a fact.
So I tend to avoid them.
Nothing against cucumbers.
They're just not for me. I don't vibe with them.
But it is true...I prefer a 'cucumber free' world.
Just sayin.
T. W. said…

If we are so disgusting why do you keep coming here?
Chocmint33 said…
Michelle. This is CD’s blog, not yours. He has always said how bad Trump is for America.

If you don’t like it, don’t come here.

This is a psychic and Hollywood blog site. It is not a site for QAnon rubbish.
Chick'sOpinion said…

Have you noticed QAnon sounds like the word Quackery.
Just sayin. Lol
Chocmint33 said…
Chick's Opinion

Yeah it does. :)

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