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Zac Efron down under PR Stunt....

Zac Efron in Australia with his 
"NEW" girlfriend 
Vanessa Valladares.
 Apparantly he met her while she was working at the loacl shop.
So now she has quit her job
 and is staying with Zac.

Silly girl, it's not a career move.
It's a PR stunt...

Won't see Thanksgiving...


T. W. said…
Ladies, never quit your job for a man.
Anonymous said…
Same between Grant and Reeves ? Look the new info !
Mariefass said…
I think the most horrific punishment you can mete out to another human being is to force them to inhabit a closet. Come on.... this is the 21st century. WE KNOW!
T. W. said…

'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' is Ending After Its Upcoming Twentieth Season

T. W. said…

Please skip this comment if you don't like reading about The Program or conspiracies. Otherwise please scroll down for 2 links:

1) Hollywood Horrors: Rose Mcgowan, The CAA and The CIA

2) 'Dawn' Directed by Rose McGowan

T. W. said…

I think you asked about the WAP video a while back. I saw it & was too disturbed to comment on it. I do know grown men are calling it disgusting.

Well, here is a well researched article about it:

The True Disturbing Meaning of WAP by Cardi B
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T. W. said…
2020 is still messing with us:

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following Israel-UAE accord
Chick'sOpinion said…
They are making fun of Zac Efron on Australian radio at the moment.
Calling him the new Mayor of Byron Bay, Australia.
And that he is the cause of Coffee latte's there now being $86.00 each.
And.... he is the cause of Chris Hemsworth winning the Annual Byron Bay Surf Festival each year.

There is no doubt, Zac Efron loves Byron Bay.
And Chris Hemsworth definately lives there. In a house the size of a hospital. Perhaps Zac Efron stays at Chris Hemsworth's ugly hospital.

There seems to be no other reason for Zac Efron to be in Byron Bay other than he is hiding out there while Covid 19 is out of control elsewhere.
Byron Bay is also known in Australia as a drug haven. So it would suit Zac all round.
He's into sustainable lifestyles. So Byron Bay could sustain his interest in drugs.
I really do hope this Zac Efron gets off drugs.
I really like how he's gettin into environmental issues.
Good direction for him.

Zac Efron was in a Netflix series not long ago too, called Down To Earth. About eco-living and sustainable ways of living around the world. In one part of it he gets right into the issue of Bees.
And sustainable living in Puerto Rico.
He has that 'Superfood' hunter, Darin Olien with him on the show.
I'm known as as a 'superfood' hunter too.
Take away is my speciality.
I could write a book on local Take Away Food Outlets.
And give them all scores out of 10.
Chick'sOpinion said…
Local Take Away Scores in my area

Local Chinese Take Away (where they insist on Cash only)
8 out of 10. Cause I always have to have change.

Pie And Cake Shop
-0 Because they have nothing Gluten Free. Ever.

Hamburger Take Away
8 out of 10 Because they seem to close and open when they feel like it. And that's annoying.

Indian Restaurant 5 out of 10 Cause it's not actually authentic Indian. It's definately Sri Lanken.

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